Two women trade their bouquets for pencils to take a final exam on their wedding day


Two women were given an ultimatum: attend your weddings or attend your final exams. They chose to do both and handled it amazingly.

Here’s a fact: final exams are stressful. Here’s another fact: weddings are stressful (have you ever seen Bridezilla?). Now imagine two of those events happening on the same day.

Sounds like an overload of stress, right? Well, two brilliant women were able to handle both flawlessly.

Students Dorcas Atsea and Deborah Atoh of Benue State University in Nigeria had a bit of a snafu when it came to scheduling each of their weddings: a final exam stood in the way of them trying to plan their big day.

At first, the exam was going to be no problem for the two communications students, according to CNN. It was scheduled for February, and the two had planned each of their weddings for April 7.

Then, the Media Ethics and Law exam they were supposed to take was postponed due to “inadequate facilities” at the university, causing a big problem for the two soon-to-be brides.

“I went to the exam officer, she said I should choose between the two: the exam or the wedding,” Atoh said to CNN.

Their course instructor, Benjamin Ogbu, explained that it would be unfair to the rest of the students in the class to move the exam date again just to accommodate two students.

Without sacrificing one or the other, the two brides decided to do both on the same day. They went to church for the ceremony, made a pit stop at the school to take their exam and then it was right back to the wedding festivities.

And, both women showed up in their wedding dress because there was not a minute to spare.

“When I walked into the hall, for ten minutes everybody was just shouting before we started the exam,” Atsea said. “And after the exam, I went back to the reception venue because my guests were waiting for me.”

No matter how stressful it might have been, the instructor said that it was a happy occasion for everyone.

“It was a moment of joy for all of us as students and lecturers,” Ogbu said in a story from The Punch. “We were happy that our students got married and [the students] were happy too that they got married and also took their last exams same day.”

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Atsea said to CNN that she was happy she was finally graduating and getting married at the same time. Kudos to both of them for nailing a tremendously huge day!