15 of the most iconic Lip Sync Battle performances

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Anna Kendrick — “Steal My Girl”

John Krasinski may be married to Emily Blunt, but that means nothing to Anna Kendrick. After starring in Into The Woods together, Kendrick and Blunt clearly formed a close bond. And what better way to fully put it out in the open than on Lip Sync Battle?

After Krasinski’s incredible *NSYNC tribute, Kendrick opted to honor Blunt with a different, newer boy band: One Direction. The perfect song was obvious; “Steal My Girl” made it clear that nothing could split up Anna and Emily (AnnEmily? Blendrick? Their ship name is still unclear).

Anna Kendrick is a great actress, but she might’ve missed her calling as a pop star. This lip syncing spectacular rivals even her performances in the Pitch Perfect franchise. She had the swag, she had the moves, but most importantly, she had a shirt with hers and Emily Blunt’s faces on it.

Though it hurt John’s heart a little bit, it made the audience’s hearts swell. They just about burst entirely when Kendrick made it clear that Blunt knew about her performance ahead of time, and promised not to tell John.

Blunt was even supposed to be there for the battle, but was out of town at the time. Classic Emily!