15 of the most iconic Lip Sync Battle performances

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Anne Hathaway — “Wrecking Ball”

Anna Kendrick may have done a beautiful tribute to Emily Blunt, but Anne Hathaway got to battle the star head on. And she wasn’t messing around.

The two have been a fan-favorite team since The Devil Wears Prada, and seeing them together again was everything it was hoped to be. Both Hathaway and Blunt gave admirable performances (Emily Blunt rapping “No Diggity” deserves an honorable mention) but it was Anne Hathaway’s transformation into Miley Cyrus that stole the show.

She was swinging for the fences — using a jewel-encrusted sledgehammer no less — with her performance of “Wrecking Ball” and she nailed it. For some, Hathaway will always be Princess Mia, so seeing her with slicked back hair, wearing a tank top and briefs was … different.

Then again, she was also Catwoman, and seeing some of that ferocity again added a lot of fun to the performance. She fully embraced the intensity of the number, without going too far over the top.

Blunt seemed to know she was done for after about 30 seconds. Her fate was pretty well sealed when Hathaway ripped off her pants. But the best part? Hathaway even had a wrecking ball on hand, and imitated Miley Cyrus’s music video perfectly.