Anna Kendrick’s Christmas movie is officially underway


Winter is coming, and it’s bringing new Christmas movies with it. Now, it looks like Anna Kendrick has officially joined the Clause family.

It’s the most wonderful time of year — a time when there’s always something to watch and look forward to. It’s holiday movie season.

It starts every October, when TV shows run their Halloween specials, and classic films return to theaters. This Halloween weekend, there is no shortage of movies to choose from. But as October comes to a close, it’ll be time for Hocus Pocus to step aside, and make way for the next set of holiday movies: Christmas movies.

Between Freeform’s “25 Days of Christmas” — prefaced by a similar “Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas” schedule — and Hallmark’s annual set of movies, Christmas tends to edge out Halloween in the movie department.

Now, Christmas is taking an even bigger lead, thanks to Anna Kendrick. She’ll be playing Santa’s daughter in a new project from Disney, set to release in 2019. The film was originally announced as “Nicole.” But, based on Kendrick’s latest Instagram post it looks like filming has started and her character is actually, more aptly, named Noelle.

Not many other details have been revealed surrounding this film, other than the basic plot. As Santa’s daughter, she’ll be forced to take over the family business and presumably save Christmas.

Even Kendrick’s friends didn’t know much about it. Back in July, she posted a picture of her working on a project to Instagram, where she looked pretty hardcore:

But the best part of the post was this comment on Instagram from her Pitch Perfect co-star, Adam Devine: “Is this your Santa Disney movie? Makes sense.”

According to Variety, Bill Hader was eyeing the film as well, promising even more comedy.

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Based on Kendrick’s costume, and potential co-star, this film needs to come out sooner, rather than later.