Princess Leia returns to Endor in Star Wars Forces of Destiny episode 3: Ewok Escape


In the newest episode of Forces of Destiny, Star Wars focuses on its most important heroine, Princess Leia, as we return to Endor and revisit the Ewoks.

For as long as Star Wars is a thing, there will always be Princess Leia content. First introduced in 1977, she’s the most iconic female of the franchise. Of course, her popularity surged once again after Carrie Fisher passed away in December 2016, but it gave fans a chance to reflect on how important Fisher’s contributions to feminism, Star Wars and the entertainment industry in general really were.

By now, it’s become an unspoken law that as soon as three or more Star Wars fans are in the same room together, they must pay tribute to Fisher and remember the hope that her character Princess-turned-General Leia Organa bestowed upon the franchise. Even in two and a half minute animated shorts, Leia proves to be a compassionate and fearless leader.

Last year, Star Wars Rebels introduced Leia to the series in “A Princess on Lothal.” But her Forces of Destiny episode takes place several years after that … and with a different voice actress. Previously, Julie Dolan completed a lot of Leia voicework on various projects. However, Shelby Young steps in to voice Princess Leia in “Ewok Escape.”

So here’s the third episode of Forces of Destiny below:

Alternatively titled “The Misadventures of Ewoks,” this Forces of Destiny short basically acts as an outtake for Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Luckily, it expands on how Leia randomly became a bohemian Ewok mascot within a matter of just a couple scenes. I like how she’s just like, “Han Solo who?” and puts on the shapeless, colorless garb. Though, I guess it’s not that surprising when you think about Princess Leia. Obviously, she’ll wear just about anything and call it survival tactics.

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