General Leia Organa is the Unofficial Mascot of the Women’s March


Leia Organa has been a feminist icon for quite some time now but with the Women’s March on Saturday, she seemed to be the unofficial mascot.

The Women’s March happened this Saturday and it seemed as if Princess Leia Organa was the unofficial mascot of the march on Washington. Sign after sign had Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia on it and it really was inspiring.

For many, Leia was the first female character that ended up saving the boys. Without her, Luke and Han would be dead and they never would have gotten the plans to the Death Star. Even better, now we know that the reason Leia got the plans was because another woman (Jyn Erso) dedicated her life to the cause.

So many came out on Saturday with pictures honoring the Star Wars character. Mainly because Leia proved that you could be be the hero of the story and do it in a dress.

But Leia wasn’t the only one there. Carrie was featured almost just as much. Carrie openly talked about her hatred of Trump during the election and to see people carrying on her message was inspiring.

Yes, we have a lot of work to do in the world but to see so many using Leia as their voice showed that the women in Star Wars really are important. From Leia came Padme Amidala to Rey and now, finally, Jyn Erso. All of these women helped the galaxy and we, as women, can help the world with out voices. We just have to fight for the rebellion like these amazing ladies.

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We love you Leia. You’re our hero and the Women’s March proved just how much Leia Organa and Carrie Fisher herself was an inspiration to us all.