Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Time for a speeder chase in episode 2, “BB-8 Bandits”


In order to save BB-8 from other greedy scavengers, Rey uses her speeder and a bit of quick thinking to save the day in new Forces of Destiny episode.

To understand the amount of precision and skill it would take for someone to pilot Rey’s “top-heavy” speeder, Star Wars describes the vehicle as follows:

"Rey’s speeder is an ungainly but powerful repulsorlift vehicle built by the young scavenger from salvaged parts. The speeder is fast and can carry considerable cargo, making it ideal for use scavenging in Jakku’s Graveyard of Ships. Rey’s speeder is top-heavy and would be difficult for any other pilot to control – but fortunately Rey is a skilled pilot as well as an ingenious mechanic."

Of course, repulsorlift is basically just an anti-gravity device. But Rey’s speeder remains fascinating for other reasons, too. For example, it’s a combination of swoop and other speeder components found in the Star Wars universe. This explains what makes it so fast despite looking so large. In addition to building it herself, she happens to be one of the few who can even operate it.

Unfortunately, we only saw a few long shots of Rey riding her speeder in The Force Awakens. But the newest Forces of Destiny episode, “BB-8 Bandits,” rectifies that. On their way to Niima Outpost, where Rey hopes to reunite BB-8 with its owner, Teedo and other bandits attempt to chase them down. Demonstrating exemplary pilot skills, Rey manages to outrun the bandits. And with a callback to yesterday’s episode, she even uses the nightwatcher worm to her advantage.

Check it out below:

I know I’m not the first person to say we need another podracing scene in future Star Wars films, but I definitely want to reiterate that we need another podracing scene in a future Star Wars film. I mean, just think about how awesome the speeder chase on Endor was. Let’s do that again. Come on, Lucasfilm! Just let Daisy Ridley uses her own weight to crudely turn a speeder just in the nick of time – I need it!

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Not that I’m complaining, but is the next episode going to be about Rey, too?