Watch Rey demonstrate her early force abilities in first Forces of Destiny episode


So what exactly happened after Rey rescued BB-8 on Jakku? Watch the brand new premiere episode of Star Wars’ Forces of Destiny “Sands of Jakku” to find out!

Disney and Lucasfilm finally premiered the first episode of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, a new animated series meant to focus on the female heroines of the Star Wars franchise. Under Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm’s made a point of highlighting heroes of all shapes and sizes, and this time, we focus on some of our favorite characters like Rey, Princess Leia, and Ahsoka Tano.

Of course, we have some high expectations, but Star Wars rarely lets us down. (I even say that as someone who typically enjoys the prequels, too.) The Force Awakens showed us that Rey cemented her loyalty to BB-8 fairly quickly. For starters, she chose not to sell the droid to Unkar Plutt for an incredible amount of food, then she committed herself to making sure BB-8 returned to the Resistance, even if it meant leaving the only planet she’s ever known and possibly, you know, dying at the hands of the First Order.

Now that the first episode of Forces of Destiny is here, let’s watch what happened in “Sands of Jakku” between Rey and BB-8.

Obviously, Rey needed to be a very capable scavenger to survive on Jakku. She clearly showed a better mechanical understanding than others and even honed in on some of her innate staff-wielding skills. Thanks to “Sands of Jakku,” I think we can basically confirm that Rey was one with the Force the entire time and didn’t even know it.

For example, she must have some incredible hand/eye coordination to catch a staff being whipped at her while her back is turned. I wouldn’t be able to catch it even it was tossed lightly in my direction while I outstretched my hands. Plus, she can easily sense the nightwatcher worm as it moves beneath her in the sand. Though, the strangest feat she managed was lifting BB-8 in the sand and running with the droid as if it weighed nothing. Remember, BB-8 nearly crushed Finn in The Force Awakens.

After Rey and BB-8 finally make it to safety, she chalks it all up to luck … but we all know the Force was just sleeping.

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According to Star Wars, we can expect a new short online each day at 10 a.m. PT, with the next episode called “BB-8 Bandits.”