R2-D2 is the droid you’re looking for, but definitely can’t afford


The Death Star plans are extremely valuable in the Star Wars universe, but not as valuable as their storage unit. R2-D2 just sold for nearly $3 million.

R2-D2 has been to the outer rim and back, seeing more action and battle scars than most Star Wars characters. Still, the queen’s handmaidens must have done a stellar cleaning job, because the little droid fetched $2.76 million at a recent auction. (That’s roughly 5.52 million Galactic Standard Credits – something Jabba the Hutt could have easily afforded.)

The droid, standing at 43 inches tall, was put together using parts from the original trilogy in the saga. The name of R2-D2’s new owner hasn’t been released – best to avoid the Empire looking for the plans anyway.

Hosted by Profiles in History, the auction put up multiple pieces of Star Wars memorabilia for sale. Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, used in the first two films, sold for $450,000 and Darth Vader’s helmet from the original film went for $96,000. No other item at the auction was able to top R2’s winning bid.

This won’t be the last batch of Star Wars collectibles that Profiles in History will auction off. In September, the organization is holding a Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds personal property auction. The auction will span multiple days, selling off 1500 lots. Part of the proceeds will benefit The Thalians charity and The Jed Foundation, each with special connections to Carrie Fisher’s family.

As for the fate of R2-D2’s cynical companion C-3PO, he’s on the list of items for the Fall auction. The event will also offer collectibles including a Princess Leia prop used in Fisher’s Wishful Drinking documentary, Fisher’s chair from the Return of the Jedi set, and the original 1978 Princess Leia action figure in its original packaging.

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Hope you’re betting on the right pod racer, these items won’t come cheap.