Supergirl spoilers: Cat Grant and Superman return during Kara’s darkest hours


The Supergirl season 2 finale is just two weeks away! But Cat Grant returns to National City this Monday and her timing couldn’t be better.

As soon as Supergirl announced that both Cat Grant and Superman would be returning to National City before season’s end, we’ve been sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see how Supergirl crafted their return.

Thanks to last week’s “City of Lost Children,” we now know just how dire the situation has become. To refresh your memory, Mon-El’s villainous mother Queen Rhea is on the warpath. First, she manipulated Lena “Too good, too pure for this world” Luthor into creating a portal that would allow Rhea to transport her entire Daxamite fleet to National City. As the ships floated through the portal, Rhea trapped Martian Manhunter inside his own thoughts. Then, she kidnapped the unconscious Lena and took Mon-El back to the mother ship.

So when Monday’s “Resist” airs, Kara will have to face the stark realization that Mon-El (who apparently is her boyfriend, depending on what you accept as truth and what you know to be a gross misdirect by the Supergirl writers) stood by as everything turned from bad to worse.

Luckily, Kara won’t be alone. As we saw in the promo, Cat Grant returns in this episode, and may even work alongside Cadmus. Plus, Superman returns in the season finale, with a few other surprise guests as well.

According to the show’s executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg via Entertaining Weekly:

"“This is Kara’s darkest hour. It’s perfect that she has both Superman and Cat, who are these great stabilizing influences in her life — Cat, who tends to have a good handle on what Kara needs, and Clark has a pretty good handle on what Supergirl needs. She needs them both desperately because she’s faced with some truly awful decisions to make in the finale and choices that affect her both as Kara and as Supergirl. Having her surrogate mother and surrogate brother there to make these decisions, it’s good to have them there.”"

Basically, we’re going to watch Kara save Lena and leave Mon-El for dead. And even if she manages to save both, Superman’s going to fling Mon-El into the Phantom Zone. Afterward, Cat Grant and Lena will be best friends and merge companies to create a better and brighter tomorrow.

And then Zod comes. 

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Obviously, we extrapolated that theory from various Supergirl hints and clues. But if Supergirl taught us anything this season, it’s that when the going gets rough, write your own headcanon.