Supergirl: Check Out On-Set Pics of General Zod and the Supers in the Season 2 Finale


Filming has begun in Vancouver for the season 2 finale of Supergirl on May 22. Check out some of the pics of General Zod and Superman’s return!

Supergirl just aired “Ace Reporter” on Monday and already hinted toward a big season finale as the last few moments of the episode saw Queen Rhea of Daxam approach Lena Luthor with some sort of proposition. Of course, we don’t know what’s happening at this point — but we do know that spells trouble. Which means, Kara will spring into action to protect Lena and National City at all costs.

While exact details of the episode remain under wraps, we do know that several key players will return to the fold, including Calista Flockhart’s Cat Grant and Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman as well. We haven’t seen either of them since episode 2, so Cat’s their return is long overdue.

But perhaps the most interesting guest star will be Mark Gibbon. Earlier this month, Supergirl revealed that he’d been cast as General Zod, arguably one of Superman’s most iconic villains.

Thanks to CBR and a couple of on-set pics, we now have our first look at what General Zod will look like when he arrives in National City.

Check it out:

Obviously, our favorite super is there, too:

As is our second favorite:

But wait — there’s more! While it’s unclear if these are from the same episode or what, the girl in the middle is wearing a very similar suit to one M’gann M’orzz.

This one wades a little deeper into spoiler territory, but it gives you a good idea of the tension bomb that’s about to drop when you see who’s punching who. Also, there’s a cool look at … Chipotle!

And, you know, sometimes it’s fun to see a National City Police squad car.

Thanks to a few members of the production staff, we know that quite a few members of the Supergirl squad will be present to finish shooting the season in Vancouver. But Supergirl still has three more episodes to go before the season finale, including this Monday’s Alex-centric episode, the following James-centric episode and another on May 15.

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Stay tuned for more Supergirl updates as we get closer to the final episode on May 22.