Mike Colter had a lot to say about The Defenders this weekend


On the red carpet at the MTV Movie & TV Awards this past weekend, Mike Colter divulged some information about the upcoming Netflix series, The Defenders.

In a candid carpet-side interview with TVGuide, Luke Cage star Mike Colter spoke about the dynamics we’ll see played out amongst the ensemble cast of The Defenders. He explains how the four separate storylines are finally coming together in the series, but also said, “Eventually we’ll fight together–or not–we’ll do things in a certain way. It’s difficult when you all have such strong, passionate viewpoints, to kind of reconcile and make sure everybody’s on the same page. It doesn’t work that way, but we’ll do the best we can.”

This isn’t terribly surprising information, MCU fans who have seen all four series — Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil — know very well how our main characters tend to butt heads. However, Colter continues by talking about some of the action we’ll be seeing:

"There’s a couple good fights in there, pretty good fights… I think the ones that people will be really pleased with are the ones I have with certain people I’m not gonna name… but I think they’re gonna be pleased with that one, because they’ll get a kick out of it. Comic book stuff!"

Comic book stuff, eh? As we’ve learned from the recent Defenders trailers, The Hand will be playing a huge part in this series, in addition to Sigourney Weaver’s introduction as Alexandra, their primary nemesis. But could Colter also be making reference to something greater? Perhaps the TV series will tie in events of the Secret Empire comic book series? ScreenRant has already reported that more than just Alexandra and The Hand will threaten the team. Comic book fans know that The Chaste are sworn enemies of The Hand, so it’s almost sure that they’ll be making an appearance at some point — and perhaps more than Stick, too. But who knows, Marvel (and Colter) could be hiding a lot more up their sleeve.

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The Defenders

is available to stream on Netflix on August 18.