Here are 10 Things You Can Do with Family and Friends on Easter

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6. Write Something

Now this one is a bit more specific. For someone like me, it has always been therapeutic to write. Whether that means articles like this or a play or a movie or even a short story, just writing something down at all can really change my frame of mind.

For me, if I’m anxious and trying to write, all my anxieties come out. But if I’m happy and enjoying myself, that’s a completely different story. You can create and learn to express whatever fears you have through your words.

And once you learn how to channel those fears into pen and paper, nothing can really stop you. Writing down whatever is bothering you really helps so maybe just write on your own this holiday.

Or get a group of writers together and have them all work together to great something truly special that you can then go work on outside of this new project.

It doesn’t even have to amount to anything, just write for the sake of writing and to help you feel mentally aware of what is going on in your own life. And really, who doesn’t love writing a quick short story? They’re just fun to have and you get to create them all yourself.