Here are 10 Things You Can Do with Family and Friends on Easter

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5. Go Lay Out in the Sun

The summer is slowly approaching us and that means tans are coming back in style. If it is nice out wherever you live, why not enjoy that sun by laying out for a bit? While you may not want to lay in the sun, it is relaxing and you can get a nice glow for all those summer clothes you want to wear but haven’t been able to all winder.

And you don’t have to go lay out and just lay there. You can bring a book or even listen to a musical! (See what I did there?) Or really whatever it is you like to do when you’re trying to relax. So just go outside and enjoy the nice weather, again if you have it, because who knows how long it will last.

With how crazy the weather has been later, who knows? We might end up with a horrible snow storm again and you’ll never be able to tan again. So enjoy it while you can and soak up those rays. Because really, you’re laptop light isn’t going to the glow you want to have. And it is fun to just go out and enjoy the world for a little bit.

But just a little though.