Here are 10 Things You Can Do with Family and Friends on Easter

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4. Call Your Grandma

If you don’t have a grandma, you can skip this step. But if you do, take time out today to give her a call. For me, I’m very close with my grandma and talk to her at least once a week. But on a holiday Sunday, it is different. She’ll want to hear from you.

It is a weird thing being a grandmother. I wouldn’t know, I’m not one. But I just feel like grandmas have it hard. You’re not their children but they’re still an extension of you and it has to hurt when we don’t call and check in with them.

So for the sake of your grandmothers as well as it being a holiday for some, just give her a call and see what she is doing. Check in with her, let her know you’re alive and well, and just let her ask what you’re eating or how much you’re sleeping.

And if you live in a big city like I do, please tell her that you’re home in your apartment so she doesn’t yell at you about walking home alone. Because really, it has happened to me multiple times and I wouldn’t wish that speech on my worst enemy.