Here are 10 Things You Can Do with Family and Friends on Easter

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7. Watch All of the Trapped in the Closet Videos

Well this one is easy and will take you twelve years to try and finish. R. Kelly probably isn’t the best choice for a holiday centered around Jesus coming back to life but hey, it is pretty fun to go through and try and watch.

So he created this massive movie song. Basically he cheats on his girl and the girl he sleeps with is also with someone and so he hides in the closet. It eventually ends up with a gay subplot and a little person who I think tries to kill someone?

Honestly, it is insane.  The entire series just goes from crazy scenario to crazier scenario and really, watch that with your friends or family and everyone will be intrigued. It’s a conversation piece, that’s for sure. So even if you don’t enjoy it, it will give you guys something to talk about.

And if you’re watching it alone, you’re welcome. You get to watch all these clips and try and figure out how R. Kelly even came up with it. Like really, that’s my question. How in the world did he think it all up? There is absolutely no explanation and we still don’t know what is going on.