Production Begins on Mission: Impossible 6


In proper Tom Cruise fashion, Mission Impossible 6 speeds from 0-60 and goes from a barely formed cast to beginning production in just weeks.

Fresh off the well-received debut of the second trailer for The Mummy, Tom Cruise keeps the hits coming as production for Mission: Impossible 6 begins.

Of course, the franchise didn’t begin as a Tom Cruise franchise specifically. I mean, the earlier films had Jon Voight, Thandie Newton, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. So its’s fair to say that Tom Cruise wasn’t always the biggest star.

But now that we’re 21 years and six films in, it pretty much feels like Tom Cruise’s franchise. Just like Fast and Furious didn’t start as Vin Diesel’s movie, but nowadays, we all know it wouldn’t be the same without him.

Mission: Impossible 6 director Christopher McQuarrie (who also directed the previous film, Ghost Protocol) tweeted out a photo marking the first day on set:

Obviously, “Light the fuse” references the iconic opening title theme used in each of the films. However, let’s not forget that it started originally in the ’60s with the original television series. For your listening pleasure, I found a sample from the original that shows how they stylized the M in the original series, too.

Check it out:

See? Light the fuse.

Once the films came around, the song became a lot more thematic. For comparison, I’ve also included the 1996 opener that basically follows the format of the original series, where it includes the song plus scenes from what you’re about to watch.

So at least you can say that Christopher McQuarrie more or less knows his material.

While many plot details regarding the film remain unknown, we do know that Henry Cavill has joined the franchise. And if we’re lucky, he’ll either play a villain (in a franchise with some very iconic villains already) or he’ll be the new love interest of Ethan Hunt who is brash and incapable of doing anything, kind of like Willie in Indiana Jones.

(I am kidding, but barely.)

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Mission: Impossible 6 hits theaters on July 27, 2018. Stay tuned for more Mission: Impossible news right here on Culturess.