For the Good of the Galaxy: Leia Organa Footage Permitted to Appear in Star Wars: Episode 9


The Fisher Family granted Lucasfilm to use General Leia footage in Star Wars: Episode 9, which will hopefully give a satisfying ending to the character.

Only two years ago, our beloved Carrie Fisher considered herself the “custodian” of Princess Leia as she spoke about returning to the franchise after a couple of decades. After her death last December, the role of custodian fell to her family, brother Todd Fisher and daughter Billie Lourd. For some of the fans, it feels like it’s our responsibility just as much to make sure that Leia Organa receives the proper send off in the Star Wars franchise.

Of course, that brings up the question as to whether any send off was necessary. We understood that Lucasfilm had enough to complete Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, but then what? Considering the CGI advancements we’ve seen lately, many wondered whether Lucasfilm would seek that route — and, obviously, prayed the answer was no.

Thankfully, according to new reports, Todd Fisher and Billie Lourd have given Lucasfilm to use any “previously captured” General Leia scenes in Episode 9.

According to Todd:

"“Both of us were like, ‘Yes, how do you take her out of it?’ And the answer is you don’t… I think the legacy should continue.”"

In the light of this development, it’s time to consider how the story will change. Will they save just enough footage to complete the story? Or will they be a bit more ambitious and do it Paul Walker-style a la the Fast and Furious franchise? In all fairness, that was handled beautifully and brought tears to every single person in my theater at the premiere.

Lucasfilm has the option to leave the story open-ended and allow the fans to interpret the ending as they feel compelled to. Or they can kill off the character and infuriate every single person on the planet, like Han Solo. And, you know, Harrison Ford’s still alive.

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At this point, Lucasfilm is really the custodian of the character and they better treat her well. Luckily, they still have two years to figure it out.