Disney is in Talks to Bring CGI Leia into Star Wars Episode IX


Star Wars fans took a blow this December when their beloved Carrie Fisher died. But it seems like Disney isn’t giving her up so easily.

When Carrie Fisher died in December of 2016, Star Wars fans were devastated. Their princess had died (and many people, mostly women, would argue that she was more than just a princess. She was a general and the only reason Han and Luke weren’t dead). But now, the question remains, what happens to Leia Organa?

There had been rumors that Leia was placed in a coma in Star Wars Episode VIII but other than that, no one knew if Leia survived the movie or not. But now, with Carrie’s death, many fans are begging Disney to give her a worthy send off. We deserve at least that much.

So Disney is apparently currently in talks with Carrie Fisher’s estate to create a CGI Princess Leia for the final episode of the new trilogy. And it wouldn’t be the first time that Carrie was made in CGI for a movie. Disney did it late last year with Leia’s appearance in Rogue One.

It wasn’t the best work but if they use footage of Carrie that they already have from The Force Awakens and Episode VIII, it could work out. And if it gives us the ending to our favorite character that we all want, there won’t be any complaints from us fans. Even if we know that she is CGI.

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No matter what Disney ends up doing, hopefully they respect Carrie and her work enough to make Leia have the send off she deserves. After all, there wouldn’t even be Star Wars if Leia hadn’t forced Han and Luke into that garbage shoot.


Since posting this story, Disney has released a statement about CGI Princess Leia and said that they will not use her likeness to bring Leia back to the movies.