20 Of The Best Wolverine Stories

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11. 24 Hours

Sabretooth is essentially Wolverine’s evil twin. He’s similarly bestial and bloodthirsty, though he indulges his urges to maim and kill with far more glee than Logan. His origins are also murky. Some stories say that he was another product of the Weapon X program. Others claim that Sabretooth is Wolverine’s half-brother, metaphorically or literally. Big-time X-Men writer Chris Claremont even says that he originally planned for Sabretooth to be Wolverine’s dad.

Whatever the truth of their relationship, there is one thing that’s certain: these two hate each other.

It’s come up in bits and pieces throughout the X-Men universe, but the deep antagonism between Sabretooth and Wolverine is perhaps best expressed in the one-shot, 24 Hours. There, we find Wolverine once again wandering around in Madripoor, gruffly saving people while contemplating his past. You know, we all understand that Wolverine has an awful lot of past to mull over, but sometimes you just want him to sit down and concentrate on a nice book or something.

While he’s slumming around, Logan also remembers a particularly epic fight he had with Sabretooth. It involves a particularly vicious battle in the Canadian wilderness in which they run up mountains and fling themselves off cliffs. Wolverine, normally near-invincible, finally learns what it’s like to be well and truly beaten in a fight. It’s a character relationship and storyline that’s found its way into the X-Men movies but is done best right there on the comics page.