20 Of The Best Wolverine Stories

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10. Fatal Attractions

Fatal Attractions pits the X-Men team against their long-time supervillain foe and fellow mutant, Magneto. Essentially, tensions with Magneto have been growing so great that Professor X finally puts together a team and sends them up to Magneto’s asteroid. Yeah, Magneto has his own private asteroid. You really want to hate the guy, sometimes, but then wouldn’t you want control of your own giant hunk of rock orbiting the Earth? Me, too.

Anyway, Wolverine starts off the story arc being a little more bloodthirsty than usual, which is to say incredibly bloodthirsty and rageful overall. Magneto, however, has prepared for this. At a climactic point, he rips out the adamantium metal in Wolverine’s body. Our grumbly superhero pal very nearly dies from this, but thankfully his X-Men teammates have some pretty considerable medical training.

This arc is perhaps most notable for its eventual reveal of Wolverine’s bone claws. Before this, people just vaguely assumed that he’d always had metal inside of him, so the reveal of his more “natural” powers is a surprise.

The revelation touches off quite a few storylines, including one where Wolverine kind of, sort of turns into a caveman. Don’t worry, the writers conveniently forgot about it in time, so we can, too.