20 Of The Best Wolverine Stories

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9. Old Man Logan

Want your Wolverine story to be especially over-the-top, with a hint (or two) of dystopian alternate histories? Then go and find yourself a copy of Old Man Logan.

I’m not kidding about the absurdity of Old Man Logan, though. It’s set in a bizarre alternate world where the Earth has been divvied up amongst various supervillains, amongst them Magneto, Doctor Doom, and Kingpin. The Nazi-inspired Red Skull is the President, which is enough on its own to make you hide under the covers and avoid the news for a few days.

You also get to meet the Hulk’s bizarre, inbred family. You see, Hulk himself has become a supervillain. He’s also grown to massive size, all while growing his brood. The Hulk has amassed a seemingly vast family of vicious hillbilly stereotypes, straight out of The Devil’s Rejects.

During the course of Old Man Logan, Wolverine faces off with the Hulk’s strange family, Red Skull, his past (duh), and a T-Rex that’s bonded with the Venom symbiote. Eventually, Logan defeats a decent amount of supervillains (or, in Hulk’s words, “supervillain landlords”) and rides off into the sunset with a baby Hulk known as Bruce Banner, Jr. It’s a gleefully, beautifully strange story that you should really check out.