20 Of The Best Wolverine Stories

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8. Vicious Circle

Crossover stories are a bit of a gimmick anymore. It’s gotten to where fans may have a hard time taking them seriously, such as when the X-Men teamed up with the Star Trek crew not once, but twice. But, every once in awhile, crossovers can really work.

Such is the case in Incredible Hulk #340, also known as Vicious Circle. There, Bruce Banner has turned into the Gray Hulk. Though the standard green Hulk version was generally angry and difficult to deal with, he was at least occasionally able to control himself. The Gray Hulk, however, is far more surly and cunning than the original. Where Hulk Classic was kind of dumb but ultimately good-hearted, Gray Hulk is smart and far more corrupt. He’s also up for a doozy of a fight.

When Wolverine is sent to fight the Gray Hulk, things gets complicated. You see, this Hulk has a healing factor, too. When you pit two really, truly superpowered individuals against one another, you’re in for a brutal long-haul battle. What ensues is a tense

Plus, the cover is really cool. With the interior art by Todd McFarlane, who would later go on to become a highly respected comics artist, the visuals of the issue are especially strong.