20 Of The Best Wolverine Stories

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12. Wolverine: Alone

At the time of time storyline’s appearance in Uncanny X-Men #133, the X-Men team were considered to be nonviolent superheroes. It was an important part of their image, after all, both in our world and theirs. Comics were only just coming out of their kid-focused days. Plus, in-universe, the X-Men and Professor X were already concerned about the public relations aspect of their team.

No one asked Wolverine, apparently. Or, it could be that they did but, in typical Logan fashion, he ignored any missives from HR when it became inconvenient. But where you might deal with petty inter-office conflict, Wolverine was working on slicing and dicing his way through the Hellfire Club.

You see, this is right in the middle of the Dark Phoenix saga. And while this storyline would eventually take the X-Men to strange planets and immerse them in intergalactic conflict, it starts off with a club full of upper-crust bad guys. Said bad guys turn the ultra-superpowered Jean Grey against the X-Men.

They also leave Wolverine for dead, which turns out to be a huge mistake. Wolverine heals up like normal and begins fighting his way through the Hellfire Club minions to rescue his teammates. It was one of the more brutal moments in X-Men history, and certainly one of the most iconic for Wolverine himself.