Where to Watch Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 17 “Through Imperial Eyes”


Will Grand Admiral Thrawn figure out Kallus is the rebel Fulcrum? Here’s how to live stream Star Wars Rebels “Through Imperial Eyes” to find out.

This is the Star Wars Rebels moment we’ve all been waiting for — it’s fight or flight for Agent Kallus. Thrawn isn’t stupid, and he knows he’ll be on his trail soon enough. Kallus has to get out before he’s compromised. But who will do the extraction?

It seems like this episode is not only a spy extraction, but another clever Thrawn trap.

If our friends on the Ghost (minus Sabine) try to save Agent Kallus, will they just be walking to Thrawn’s hands? Or does the trap refer to finding the Fulcrum’s identity, not trapping his contacts? Either way, this could get ugly.

We know Thrawn isn’t afraid to play dirty. This episode could either get violent, or get creepily manipulative, both of which are in Thrawn’s wheelhouse. And where does Colonel Wullf Yularen come into play?

My theory: Thrawn is already on Kallus’ trail and brought in Yularen, a person who knows him from his past, to shake him up.

Thrawn is a master of observation. He probably pulled some strings to bring in Yularen so he could examine Kallus’ behavior. In the preview, Thrawn states that Yularen has some kind of special expertise. This may just be a thinly veiled excuse to get information on Kallus, though. If Kallus is uncomfortable lying to his former teacher, it may compromise him.

Here’s how and when to see “Through Imperial Eyes”:

Start time: 8:30 p.m. ET
Episode: “Through Imperial Eyes”
TV Channel: Disney XD
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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For all you Jedi on the go, you can also live stream the episode through the Disney XD app.