Watch TV Online


Sometimes you’re too busy to sit down every night in front of the TV and streaming is just so much easier, so here are a few handy tips to watch TV online.

Television is nearly as competitive as the movie landscape, but if that’s the case, streaming is the future. With sites like Hulu and Netflix, many households are abandoning traditional cable subscriptions altogether. There’s just so much content out there to consume. And for many sports enthusiasts, premium channels are an additional charge. Luckily, the internet is all about convenience, so we’ve compiled a list of sites that make it easy for you to watch TV online or catch a live stream of your favorite program.

The Major Networks:

The Major NetworksTM are so named because they air sports and general programming. Most of them having companion On-the-Go Apps or a mobile site that simultaneously streams the program.

Here’s the list of major networks and links to where you can find your favorite stuff:

NBC: Sports | TV and Movies

CBS: Sports | TV and Movies

FOX: Sports | TV and Movies

TNT: Sports | TV and Movies

ABC/ESPN: Sports | TV and Movies

Sports Only:

For these, they are provided specifically by the league and are easy to access. Of course, there are other sites you may find your game on, but those are used at your own risk.

Basketball: NBA League Pass

Football: NFL Now

Hockey: NHL Game Center

College Sports: Campus Insiders Live

TV Shows and Movies Only:

These are a few television channels that provide new content on a daily or weekly basis. The networks provide an easy alternative to watching shows live. More importantly, they offer a convenient way to catch an episode you missed the next day.

Cartoon Network

The CW





Of course, these are paid subscription channels that can stand apart from your cable subscription. For fans of shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld, services like HBO are often their only monthly fee to watch all the content they’d like. And in cases like HBO, adding the app to your mobile device allows you to watch anywhere at any time.

HBO Go | HBO Now

Amazon Instant Video



If you’re familiar with the internet …

Then you know these aren’t all the live streams available. These are simply the safest and easiest ones we recommend. Obviously, if these don’t work out, you can check out our pop culture page for specific programming or download the network app to your mobile device. And if that’s doesn’t work, there’s always DVR or you can check back here for a recap!