Game of Thrones Season 7: Shopping for Spoilers

Game of Thrones has some new merchandise ahead of season 7 as well as some related spoilers to go along with it that concern a favorite character.

For once, Game of Thrones fans, you don’t have to immediately click away should you fear spoilers. That comes later. First, we’ll start with some new merchandising news. You can buy all sorts of things related to the show, from beers to pens. Now, however, we can add plushies to that list.

HBO has put up listings for plush direwolves you can call your very own, one for each of the Stark children’s pets except Arya’s Nymeria, but including Jon Snow’s Ghost. Check out a photo of them below:

HBO’s shop link does not have a listing for Nymeria either, and it also appears as though the Ghost cub plushie pictured above hasn’t made it onto the store just yet. (The Ghost plushie listed doesn’t have the red eyes.) Alas, you may have to settle for cub forms of Summer, Shaggydog, Lady, or Grey Wind.

Those wishing to show their love of the Mother of Dragons can pick up a Drogon plush instead, but we’re still more fascinated by the direwolves.

Okay, now the spoilers show up below the photo.
Photo: HBO

The direwolves seem particularly topical considering this recent set of spoilers from our sister site, Winter is Coming. Rather than play another round of Where in the World is Kit Harington, though, this week’s game is Where in the World is Maisie Williams.

Surprise! She was in Canada, according to a now-deleted Twitter status. WiC reports that Canada also is home to the filming for direwolves, although Williams doesn’t appear to be in the same vicinity of the wolves who appear to be playing Ghost and Nymeria.

Now, fans of the books know that Arya never lost her bond to Nymeria despite having to leave her early in A Game of Thrones. In fact, Arya has warged into Nymeria — similar to Bran and Summer — albeit only in her dreams. It could be that Arya’s return to the Seven Kingdoms may include more than just a reunion with her surviving family. Additionally, we may be able to see that Bran Stark isn’t the only warg in the family. After all, Arya’s about the most magical Stark aside from her younger brother, since she has the abilities of the Faceless Men.

Of course, we don’t know how the show may have time to fit all of this in, considering the fact that we’re working with fewer episodes than normal, but the show also doesn’t feel “normal” for this season, per some of the stars.

Game of Thrones spoilers still keep trickling out. We’ll keep you posted.