Game of Thrones Season 7: A Cold Day of Spoilers

Game of Thrones has reportedly cast a new character for Season 7, but what could they have to do with the upcoming events?

Warning: It may be unnaturally warm in a good portion of the United States right now, but Game of Thrones spoilers may leave you chilled.

Sansa does not look pleased with that line. S6E9 Official HBO Promo Still. Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

Game of Thrones creeps ever closer to returning with its seventh season, but it seems like the show has finally killed off enough people so that it needs to add more. Our sister site, Winter is Coming, citing a report from Watchers on the Wall, reports that we will see Alys Karstark in season 7.

In fact, WiC even has photos of her in costume last year:

As you can see, people speculated that she was actually Sophie Turner’s stunt double. WiC, however, points out that Alys could easily inherit Karhold now that the majority of her family has died in one way or another. Let’s assume that her last brother dies for his defection to the Boltons. With the knowledge that there’s an upcoming Stark family reunion and the continuing existence of the queen of our hearts, Lyanna Mormont, we have an idea.

Game of Thrones speculation and a story follows.

If Arya Stark returns home, Jon Snow will soon find himself very much outnumbered. Sansa and Arya make two, Lyanna a third, Melisandre a fourth major player, and then Alys as a fifth woman and a major lord. We wouldn’t dare suggest that these women would overthrow Jon as King in the North — it strikes us that Sansa may do better in the shadows anyway — but who is to say Jon will stay alive throughout the series?

If Jon dies, Sansa probably becomes Queen in the North, and then we’d have a very powerful quartet to face off against Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister.

Forget the War of the Five Kings. We’d like to see a War of the Three Queens. And we’d put money on Sansa Stark any day of the week. Yes, even though Daenerys has dragons.

Alternatively, and on a more practical point, we could also see Alys Karstark ending up as a good match for Jon. As WiC points out, the two share a connection in the books. Who’s to say she couldn’t become the Queen in the North to Jon’s king? It would help bring the Karstarks back into the northern fold. Besides, we do know he likes redheads…

Regardless, it seems like women could be on the rise all across the Seven Kingdoms.

Game of Thrones returns this summer.