Toast Game of Thrones with a New Brew, Bend The Knee Golden Ale


HBO is teaming up with Brewery Ommegang to bring us Bend The Knee Golden Ale, just in time to celebrate the imminent release of Game of Thrones Season 7.

Here’s the thing with Game of Thrones  fans: we drink and we know things. We know that it’s going to be way too long until they air season 7 and George R.R. Martin finishes The Winds of Winter. We drink to help us through the agony of waiting, and the deaths of our beloved characters. (Oh the drama!) Luckily for us, HBO and Brewery Ommegang now introduce Bend The Knee Golden Ale,  because they love us.

Bend The Knee

Per the press release, Bend The Knee is a Belgian-style golden ale that comes in at at a whopping 9.0% ABV, so no boar hunting after drinking a skin of this stuff, right? It will be available in three different bottles, so oh no, we will need to drink more than one bottle.

Appropriately, Bend the Knee Golden Ale will be on sale Memorial Day weekend, a holiday that honors those who have fallen in battle. Like a majority of the Game of Thrones cast.

More Game of Thrones Ales

This is Ommegang’s eighth beer in its Game of Thrones line. They release each ale to mark a season of HBO’s acclaimed series. Ommegang introduced the last to commemorate the end of Season 6. The rest of the line includes Iron Throne blonde ale, Take the Black stout, Fire and Blood red ale, Valar Morghulis dubbel ale (to represent Jaqen H’ghar’s two-faced coin), Three-Eyed Raven hybrid Dark Saison ale, Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale and Valar Dohaeris Tripel Ale to end off season 6.

Game Of Thrones ales from Ommegang Brewery (Screencap via Ommegang Brewery)

Brewery Ommegang is open for tours. Their Belgian-style cafe serves frites (the Belgians invented fries, y’all), waffles, crepes and other beer-friendly continental favorites.  The have six house brews, including Witte wheat ale, Rare Vos amber ale, Hennepin farmhouse saison, Abbey Ale dubbel ale, Three Philosophers quadrupel Belgian-style dark ale, and Gnomegang blonde ale. The brewery is in Cooperstown, NY, so you can plan your visit along with your Baseball Hall of Fame tour. How’s that for a fan-perfect weekend?

You probably want to learn where to buy Brewery Ommegang’s ales in your area, so check out their handy beer finder.

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Lift your glass of ale and toast the many fallen with me: Valar perpotis! All men must drink!