25 easy Super Bowl party food ideas to satisfy every guest


Wondering what to serve your Super Bowl party guests? Look no further. Here are 25 easy recipes that will have them all cheering!

Every winter, Americans gather together for one of our most important observances: the Super Bowl. Even those among us who do not watch sports the rest of the year are known to attend the rites that accompany this yearly ritual. Because the rites call for food and beer.

Now, I do not have beer recommendations for you, but if you need guidance in that direction, please check out 11 Beers to Drink and Enjoy for the Brewski Newbie by our very own Sarah Crocker (no relation to Betty, I think).

So here is a collection of recipes for party-friendly foods that are easy to prepare and easy to eat. These hand-helds, dips, spreads, and finger foods will have your guests screaming “Touchdown!” with every bite.

Simple Cheese Board (Image via Cabot Creamery Cheese)

1. Cheese Board

Let’s start out with a simple cheese board. But don’t just settle on a boring, generic, store-bought platter for your Super Bowl party. Assemble your own from fruits, nuts, meats and–most importantly-cheeses with help from this handy How To Make A Cheese Plate guide from Cabot Creamery.

50-Yard Fiesta Dip (Image via Betty Crocker)

2. 50 Yard Fiesta Dip

Betty Crocker’s 50 yard fiesta dip is full of spicy flavor and packed with protein. It’s so simple (and pretty healthy, shh!) that you might end up making this for dinner on any given Sunday.

(Image via Sargento)

3. Buffalo Chicken Dip, Pizza Dip & Queso Fundido With Sausage Dip

On with the cheese! These three cheesy game day dips from Sargento include buffalo chicken dip, cheesy meatless pizza dip and queso fundido with sausage dip. Accompany this ooey gooey goodness with plenty of beer.

(Image via The Mushroom Council)

4. Asian Lettuce Wraps

Mushrooms take the field with the Mushroom Council’s Asian lettuce wraps. This hearty mix of button mushrooms and ground beef is flavored with garlic, ginger, and rich hoisin sauce is served wrapped in delicate lettuce leaves for lovely bite sized morsels. Serve the filling in one bowl, and the lettuce in another, so your Super Bowl party guests can assemble their own.

Avocado-Turkey-Tortilla-Spirals (Image via Avocados from Mexico)

5. Avocado Turkey Spirals

You’ll look like a catering pro with these avocado turkey spirals on your table. They’re fresh and light, and easy to put together. You know you’re craving some luscious avocados from Mexico now.

baked spinach artichoke dip (Image via Betty Crocker)

6. Baked Spinach Artichoke Dip

Betty Crocker’s baked spinach artichoke dip is simple to make, with only six ingredients. Spinach, artichokes, red bell peppers come together with jack and Parmesan cheeses for dip perfection.

Blended Beef and Mushroom Meatballs (Image via The Mushroom Council)

7. Meaty Blended Mushroom Meatballs

These blended beef and mushroom meatballs from the Mushroom Council are moist and packed with flavor. Serve with teriyaki or your favorite BBQ sauce.

Buffalo-Chicken-Meatballs (Image via Go Bold With Butter)

8. Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Another spherical option is Buffalo chicken meatballs. They’re full of herbs, spices, and briny feta cheese. That’s some quality snacking.

Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Dip (Image via Betty Crocker)

9. Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Dip

The two main ingredients in caramelized onion and goat cheese dip are a classic and sophisticated combination. But don’t feel like you can’t serve that at a Super Bowl party. It’s a dip! And it’s delicious!

Caramelized Sweet Onion Dip (Image via Betty Crocker)

10. Caramelized Sweet Onion Dip

Here’s another dip featuring caramelized sweet onions. This one has sharp swiss and creamy cream cheeses for rich, melty goodness.

Chipotle cheese dip (Image via Dairy Good)

11. Chipotle Pepper Dip

If you’re looking to spice up your cheese dip, try this chipotle pepper yumminess. It gets its flavor from smoky chipotle peppers, tangy Greek yogurt, and everyone’s favorite, cheddar cheese.

classic italian sub (Screencap via Boar’s Head)

12. Classic Italian Sub

Boar’s Head presents this recipe for a classic Italian sub, with pepperoni, salami, spicy provolone and Capocollo ham. Make one big, giant sub and cut into slices. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Classic Spinach dip (Image via Knorr)

13. Knorr Spinach Dip

I love Knorr’s spinach dip. Their special flavor packet blends with spinach, water chestnuts, green onions, and creamy mayo. It’s super yummy served in a King’s Hawaiian bread bowl. I could eat a whole one of these by myself.

Fresh and fast guacamole (Image via Avocados from Mexico)

14. Fast and Fresh Guacamole

Everyone loves guacamole. This chunky fast and fresh guacamole features tomatoes, red onion, jalapeño, cilantro, and of course, Mexican avocados.

Game Day Black Bean Hummus (image via Betty Crocker)

15. Game Day Black Bean Hummus

This game day black bean hummus from Betty Crocker is so simple and flavorful, and all you need to you is pretty much dump a can of black beans in a blender. OK, there’s more than that, but not much!

Hot Pepper Cheese Bites (Image via Betty Crocker)

16. Hot Pepper Cheese Bites

I really want to try these Betty Crocker’s hot pepper cheese bites. They’re basically cheese and spices held together by a bit of flour and baked until golden. Yum.

mac n cheese Casserole Cups (Image via DairyGood

17. Mac and Cheese Casserole Cups

These mac and cheese casserole cups are another crowd pleaser that might make it to weekly dinner status. It’s a simple from-scratch macaroni and cheese recipe that’s baked in muffin cups. That’s perfect to serve to your Super Bowl party guests or a bunch of picky kids.

mushroom-lentil-meatballs (Image via The Mushroom Council)

18. Mushroom Lentil Meatballs

Looking for a healthier take on the meatball? Know some vegetarian football fans? Maybe you’re just looking to mix it up a little. These mushroom lentil meatballs have so much flavor and protein that even the carnivores will be asking for the recipe.

old world antipasto (Image via Boar’s Head).

19. Antipasto Platter

Would you like a giant plate of meat? Of course you do! Boar’s Head presents this recipe for their old world antipasto platter that includes olives, artichoke hearts, and roasted bell peppers, cheeses, and of course, tons of cured meats. That’s some classy meat, guys!

Parmesan and black pepper popcorn (Image via Williams-Sonoma)

20. Parmesan Black Pepper Popcorn

Even though we sometimes take it for granted, popcorn is one of the world’s most delicious foods. And it’s a whole grain! Popcorn tastes best if you make it yourself, instead of microwaving a bag. Kick it up a bit with this Parmesan black pepper popcorn recipe from Williams-Sonoma. Make a lot. They will be stuffing it in their faces.

pimento cheese (Image by Faith Durand via the Kitchn)

21. Classic Pimento Cheese

If you’ve never had pimento cheese, you are missing a thing. If you haven’t had it lately, and you think it’s a weird 70s thing, you are wrong and you need to try it again. It’s spicy and creamy and so so good. Serve it with crudites (that’s vegetables, y’all) or crackers. It’s also great on sandwiches. You’ll be packing this for lunch, trust me.

Sriracha chicken wings (Image via Williams-Sonoma)

22. Sriracha Chicken Wings

Impress your guests with this slightly more sophisticated version of the game day standard, sriracha chicken wings from Williams-Sonoma. The popular spicy sauce coats the wings before and during grilling. The wings are served with onion-cilantro dipping sauce.

Touchdown taco casserole (Image by Lauren Volo via The Kitchn)

23. Touchdown Taco Casserole

Serve a touch of Americana with The Kitchn’s touchdown taco casserole. It’s meaty and cheesy and spicy and you might want to eat it all by yourself, with a spoon. But you should really serve it with chips, and share it with everyone.

beer and cheddar dip (Image via Williams-Sonoma)

24. Warm Beer and Cheddar Dip

You can’t argue with cheese and beer. Williams-Sonoma’s warm beer and cheddar dip incorporates America’s two favorite food groups into one harmonious whole. I really can’t think of a more perfect Super Bowl party food!

Wild mushroom pate (Image via Smitten Kitchen)

25. Wild Mushroom Pate

Are you wild for mushrooms? Ha ha sorry I am getting punchy. But I do love mushrooms, and your guests probably do, as well. Make this wild mushroom pate and serve it with crostini. It will become an instant household party standby.

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Ok, you’ve got the party snacks planned, so the important work is done. Now invite some friends and start buying beer!