Cosplays for the Holidays: 11 Costume Ideas for Your Holiday Party

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Doctor Who Christmas Special 2015 promo shot. (Photo: BBC)

Doctor Who

This cosplay is for everyone! For anyone who loves Doctor Who, you know how to dress this up! 

If you’re thinking of dressing as Ten, all you need is a brown or blue suit, and some sweet red Converse. Poof up your hair and have some tea on hand. It would be terrible if you didn’t get your tannins.  If you’re dressing as Eleven, suspenders, and a bow tie are a must. A cheeky grin and a Sonic Screwdriver Cocktail wouldn’t hurt either.  Bonus points if you can find a proper fez! 

(PC) BBC – Photographer: Jon Hall

As for the companions, there’s always River Song’s dresses. She got a long sleeve option in black (“Time of the Angels”), a green taffeta option complete with tally marks (“Day of the Moon), her sparkly ensemble for visiting a den of thieves, or her sparkling red sheath for visiting the Singing Towers of Darillium (“The Husbands of River Song”). 

Feeling like a period piece? Try Rose’s pink poodle skirt from “The Idiot’s Lantern.” It’s a double cosplay! If you’re feeling particularly bananas, try one of Missy’s outfits. Complete with a Mary Poppins-style hat and a one-way ticket to paradise. Make sure you have some mistletoe for the Official Welcome Package.

from Melissa Slaughter