Cosplays for the Holidays: 11 Costume Ideas for Your Holiday Party

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Still from Mad Max: Fury Road. Film distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, produced by Village Roadshow Pictures, Kennedy Miller Mitchell, and RatPac-Dune Entertainment.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Grime, dry, scorch and wasteland. That’s what I think of when I think of the elements in Mad Max: Fury Road. If you want to cosplay any of these female characters like Imperator Furiosa or “The Wives,” you can use accessories found around your house to build a killer cosplay outfit decent enough to survive the apocalypse … or that holiday party.

The Wives

Now, The Wives wear very little. Just a bit of cloth precariously placed to hide their lady bits. If you’re brave, you can replicate their look with white or creamy cheesecloth, gauze or ace bandages. Or you could use bed sheets or sheer curtain fabric to get the look. Whatever you choose, just wrap the material around your body as desired and you’re done! If you want to keep it real simple, you could just wear a white dress or bathing suit.

Of course you don’t have to bare too much skin. It is winter after all and chilly in most areas of the U.S. So, opt for a crop top or cream colored shirt and wear it with a skirt or shorts. Leggings or stockings could work for this look, too. To finish the look, add a black or brown headscarf. You’ll stay much warmer!


Furiosa is a warrior and feminist icon. In this post-apocalyptic world, she’s a true badass. You can make her outfit as simple or as expert level as you want. Etsy has plenty of accessories like a bionic arm, leather holsters, goggles and harnesses. But you can always simplify the look with some black makeup, costume paint and a little ingenuity.

If you have shorter hair you can nail the look pretty easily, but gals with longer hair can slick their hair back in a low bun or chignon. Wear a dirty, ripped cream t-shirt, add some beige cargo pants, multiple belts, some boots and a brown infinity scarf to complete the look.

from Brittany Hudson