23 National Nightmares We’ve Already Overcome

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#1: Kris Jenner’s Dream Role

The Kardashians are incredibly divisive, so I get that it’s a bold move to include them here at all, let alone in the #1 slot, but you know what? I don’t accept our casual hatred of these women under the guise that they’re “famous for no reason” or that they’re “gross” or “fake” anymore, because GUESS WHAT, WE JUST ELECTED A PRESIDENT WHO HAS FOLLOWED THE EXACT SAME CAREER PATH AND WHOSE CV IS ALARMINGLY SIMILAR TO THESE WOMEN SO I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER WORD.

Kris Jenner, momager, hair icon, and America’s accidental greatest comedian is of endless interest to me. She exhibits the most bizarre behavior, has insane relationships with her children, and says and does things that do not make any sense and are founded in not one singular ounce of reality, but she is unapologetic in her existence. She isn’t really pretending to be anything besides what I just described her as. She’s wacky. So wacky, in fact, that several years ago, she attended a Broadway production of Chicago and subsequently took action that, to this day, astounds and delights me to no end. She decided that her next move would be to, herself, star in the show.

Let’s dive deeper, and let me clarify. She wasn’t *asked* to be in Chicago. Oh no, dear reader. She simply saw Chicago, like every single mom and aunt and high school acquaintance you can think of. But unlike those complacent fools, Kris Jenner went home, hired a dance teacher and a voice coach, and started preparing for a role in a show that she was not IN ANY VERSION OF REALITY asked to be a part of. Also, based on the below clip, Kris Jenner not only thinks she can just BE in Chicago; she thinks that she can play VELMA KELLY. A LEAD.

Is this woman an American hero, or an American idiot (another show for which I’m sure she’s currently in unnecessary rehearsals)? Is she an undeniable queen, or an unreliable court jester? The world may never know. But if there’s one thing to take away from this truly outrageous moment in history, it’s that we can never underestimate anyone or anything.

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So don’t be so certain we won’t get to see KJ in Chicago before the year is out. If a reality star can become President, surely, anything is possible.