21 Best Movie and Television US Presidents We Wish Were On the Ballot

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WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 22: (EDITORS NOTE:This image has been digitally altered.) Kevin Spacey poses for a photo with a portrait of President Frank Underwood (from the Netflix series ‘House Of Cards’) at a press conference hosted by The Smithsonian and Netflix at the National Portrait Gallery on February 22, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for Netflix)

With the 2016 Presidential election cycle finally over let us look at the 21 Best Movie and Television US Presidents who would get our vote.

The 2016 Presidential election finally over. Donald Trump is the President-elect. It has been a long hard election cycle and the citizens of the United Stated are exhausted. It’s safe to say not everyone is happy with their candidates or how this election has unfolded. This election has had more plot twist than an M. Night Shyamalan movie. Many would like to go back through the primaries and pick better candidates. Even before election day, many floated the idea to keep President Obama in office until we can pick candidates with less baggage.

Unfourtunalty, we don’t get to stay single until we can figure things out. On Nov 8th we elected a President who’s no stranger to movies or television. Through the years, many movies and television shows have portrayed exceptional and honorable President and also the truly offensive. We have handpicked 21 of the best Presidents we would put in the White House today.