21 Best Movie and Television US Presidents We Wish Were On the Ballot

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20. President Hathaway (Monsters vs. Aliens)

Many might not remember the bumbling idiot of President Hathaway, but he served a purpose in the movie. He is a uniter of people who is willing to reach out to Aliens personally and play sweet 80’s synthpop hit Axel F By Harold Faltermeyer (Beverly Hills Cop Theme) to get the job done. He is a brave President and he won’t let you forget it. His is all about “peaceful communication” with the Aliens invading Earth but also will not be played for a fool. He will have the entire Army to back him up just in case things go sideways quickly.
He also has diverse cabinet members who give excellent advice when dealing with the aliens. My personal favorite is “Let’s give them all green cards and make them proud to be Americans!“ He has also made the terror level colors to something we can all understand. “Set the terror level at code brown, ’cause I need to change my pants.” He’s a man who desires very little in life. Just a nice hot cup of Joe will suit him just fine. Just make sure you remind him the latte machine is the button to the left of the nuclear missile launch button.