21 Best Movie and Television US Presidents We Wish Were On the Ballot

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4. President James Marshall (Air Force One)

James Marshall is a Medal of Honor recipient for his heroics in the Vietnam War. He was an Air Force helicopter pilot who flew more rescue missions than anyone else. Marshall knows a thing or two about helping people in need. He bears a frightening resemblance to Start Wars pilot Han Solo, but the likeness is entirely coincidental. President Marshall is not a reluctant hero. He is an old school hero who would run into a burning building to save all the women, children, and puppies. Marshall is a family man first. He has a wife and daughter that he adores and would do anything for them. President Marshall is a brilliant man and outstanding critical thinker. One would think when hijackers gain control Air Force One the President would take the escape pod to freedom but not President Marshall. He is the type of President who will fight attackers head on and not break his vow not to compromise with terrorist. Unlucky for the terrorist, Marshall has still maintained his skills in hand to hand combat and different weaponry. One would think he just left military service.

We can’t help think President Marshall would be a great advocate for the refugees coming out of Syria. He would also handle the situation with I.S.I.L with better care than others.