21 Best Movie and Television US Presidents We Wish Were On the Ballot

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5. President Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)

Laura Roslin was never supposed to be the President. She started out in the Department of Education. He background is in teaching. She has never been a fighter nor a warrior. Roslin was thrust into the role of President because she’s touring Battlestar Galactica when the Cylon strike happens. Unfortunately, she is the only surviving member of the government. She is sworn in as President of the Twelve Colonies without being formally elected into the office. President Roslin takes the position very seriously and becomes a force to be reckoned with. During the early part of her presidency, she is compelled to wrestle control from the military and keep democracy going.

When freedom of the Twelve Colonies is threatened, she loses the soft nurturing nature and becomes ruthless. She’s nicknamed Madame Airlock because she’ll send anyone through the airlock who tries her. In one incident, she told her people to “Put this thing out the airlock,” Roslin says the guards, “You don’t keep a dangerous machine laying around. You get. Rid. Of. It.”
While this is all going on, she already knows she has terminal cancer. She also manages to find love with a military commander.