39 romantic male characters we’d love to date

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Noah Calhoun (The Notebook)

Noah Calhoun gets the gold star for being the ideal for every girl who ever watched The Notebook. He loved Allie so much and fought for her and with her and he was hot headed but he gave us the two greatest displays of romance to ever exist. Well, he’s a close second to Mark Darcy.

Noah and Allie meet when her family is visiting his home town for the summer. He instantly falls in love with her and he shows her the house he wants to one day buy for them. Unfortunately, Allie’s  mother hates Noah and she takes Allie away before the end of the summer and breaks their love apart.

Fast forward to years later, Noah buys the house and remodels it to be exactly what Allie wanted. He’s trying to sell it and she goes back to tell him to not and they end up rekindling their love. Here’s the thing though, the house wasn’t the only thing he does for Allie.

The movie is set around an older man telling a woman the story of Noah and Allie and it is revealed that the woman with Alzheimer’s is in fact Allie and Noah checked himself into the home to read their story to her every day and remind her how much he loves her. And then they die together in each other’s arms because why not break our hearts even more?