39 romantic male characters we’d love to date

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Christian (Moulin Rouge)

The lovely writer who moved to Paris to try and find love broke hearts when he held his dead love in his arms and sobbed. Moulin Rouge is what many refer to as a ‘basic’ movie choice if you say it’s your favorite. I personally would fight people who say that but either way, Christian is one of the most romantic characters out there.

He wanted to write and live his life on the bohemian ideals of freedom, beauty, truth and love. He wanted to find love and experience all of life’s joys with that person. Unfortunately he chose a woman who sells her body to make a living and she also is dying.

Satine is the ‘Sparkling Diamond’ and Christian writes a show that documents their love. Honestly, writers are hot and especially when they write beautiful love ballads expressing their adoration of you. Of course there is drama and the Duke who wants Satine for himself but still.

Christian is just a puppy who wants to love and not be alone and he ends up heartbroken and crying in a window while writing on a type-writer. It’s all very hipster but it works. And any man who lovingly sings “Your Song” to you is someone to keep around.