39 romantic male characters we’d love to date

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William Shakespeare (Shakespeare in Love)

The master of love himself, William Shakespeare, was a real life man who mastered the art of romancing women and men with his words. But with William Shakespeare in Shakespeare In Love, we also got a very hot version of William Shakespeare romancing us all with his words.

It’s pretty self explanatory why William Shakespeare is on this list. He’s Shakespeare. Ever heard of Romeo and Juliet? (If not, stay tuned because you’ll learn about them later on on this list).

While this movie is nothing like the real life of William Shakespeare, it does do a really good job of making us all fall in love with a dead man. The great writer of our time and many of us are attracted to him because we watched Shakespeare In Love when we were younger.

Plus the movie makes us think that Shakespeare was a really great lover and that’s something we all needed. Especially in class when our teachers would make us read his tragedies and comedies.

No one could write romance quite like William Shakespeare and to this day, he is still taught as one of the greatest playwrights to ever have lived. And he’s super hot if Joseph Fiennes has anything to say about it.