39 romantic male characters we’d love to date

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William Thatcher (Notting Hill)

When people think of romantic leads, most think of Hugh Grant. The king of making people fall in love with his bad boy charm, Grant is one of the few actors who has had hit after hit when it comes to romantic comedies.

With Notting Hill, we got England’s bad boy and America’s sweetheart in the same movie. What could go wrong with that? Absolutely nothing is your answer. This lovely British romantic comedy is not nearly as highly regarded as some of Grant’s more popular films but it is definitely one of the best roles he’s played to date.

William Thatcher, the bumbling charming Brit, is a bookshop owner who is Anna Scott’s biggest fan. When she comes into his bookshop, it is realized that William is living every fangirl’s biggest dream. He gets to date the celebrity he’s in love with.

It’s a beautiful movie and what you expect out of a romantic comedy but it’s a role that Hugh Grant rarely plays. In most movies, he’s the hot man who knows exactly what to say to get girls to date him. With William, he’s bumbling and star struck and it is everything we ever wanted from Hugh Grant and more.