39 romantic male characters we’d love to date

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Derek Wills (Smash)

Smash was cancelled too quickly and no one gave it the chance it really deserved. It was an amazing show with brilliant thought out characters that got rushed in the end because it was being ended prematurely.

But Derek Wills was complex and moving and as the seasons went on, his love of Ivy grew and ended up Ivy and himself having a baby at the end of the show. Yes, it was a little against his character to lovingly stand with his hands on her bump as the final credits of the show went on but still, Smash should have been on the air forever.

Derek was a theater director with a reputation. He was known for his temper and his outbursts but that he’d do amazing work no matter what the process may be. He was temperamental and quite the character but Derek ended up being one of the best characters on the entire show.

He helped Karen create something special out of one kid’s dream and they did it for Kyle and it heartbreaking and amazing. Derek ended up helping Ivy and falling in love with her and honestly, if you haven’t watched Smash go do it and then sign the petition to bring it back.