Yellowcard’s New Album ‘Yellowcard’ Reviewed and Ranked

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5: Track 5, “Leave A Light On”, 4:48

“Leave A Light On” has all the feels and may punch you right in the gut. I think most of us can relate to this feeling of having lost someone and wanting them to come back into our lives. And true love is such that we are able to forget everything from the past, if they’d only just come back to us.

"Did I teach you to be humble? Did I help you to grow? Did I fill you with forgiveness? Was it me made you go? Come home, the lights are on I wait for you year after year Don’t let the past become the reason you’re not here I hope to see the day you walking up the drive to come back inside"

It’s the piano and almost acoustic sound of the song that sets my heart afire. Beautiful, melancholy chords are the perfect soundtrack to the theme. The song builds slowly, too, adding layers of instrumentals and voices and volume until the song is basically shouting from metaphoric mountaintops, “Maybe time is telling us to heal / Maybe you just needed me to feel the way you do”.

And even though the story doesn’t really end in the song, it’s ambiguously hopeful, with the music leaving something warm in our hearts.