Yellowcard’s New Album ‘Yellowcard’ Reviewed and Ranked

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4: Track 3, “Got Yours”, 3:21

“Got Yours” is another heavy rock song that makes you wanna move. It’s a little angrier than most of the other songs on the album, also, which is a nice contrast, honestly. There’s even a little hint of scream-o. Le sigh. Takes me back to 2003.

"Always felt this way with you When it’s lifted will you love me like you do Every moment you’re away (You’re away!) Hearing voices, should you leave or should you stay (I will not go with you!) Maybe it all comes out right here What I couldn’t say to you for fear of telling true of what I need from you Maybe I lose you after all There is nothing left for us to call home I am sure I’ve got mine and you’ve got yours I walk with open eyes, away from open arms I walk with open eyes, away from open arms"

Don’t play with his heart, okay? That’s all I’m saying.

And can we take just a second to talk about this bridge? Jump to 2:04 and listen. THIS is an awesome bridge. It moves us from one place in the song to something beyond, something stronger and… more. It’s got texture, if that makes sense. It’s soft, it’s loud, it moves and breathes. It’s what a bridge- and a song- should be.