Yellowcard’s New Album ‘Yellowcard’ Reviewed and Ranked

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6: Track 9, “Savior’s Robes”, 5:12

“Savior’s Robes” is another long(ish) one, but unlike “The Hurt Is Gone”, this one is punchy and took me on a ride.

The song is a play off the old adage, “devil in a blue dress” and works with the overall theme that Yellowcard chose for this in-your-face anthem.

"Play us a song I know Make it an older one Don’t you get it? Say it before I go Tell me I’m everything you ever wanted Still feel I need to give you thanks You took my edge, sharpened it in case You were the one needed cutting away, yeah I cut you away You’re a devil in a savior’s robes Made it easier to let you go I never should have let you get so close, yeah You got too close, too close to me Too close to me"

Bye, Felicia. 

Listen for a kinda spooky, super awesome breakdown/ bridge around 2:35. It goes on until 3:44, creeping along, until vocals come back in with some great lines including my favorite lyrics, “You and all the other racing rats / You got my heart and tried to turn it black.” It builds for a little bit, and then punches you in the gut again and finishes strong.