Yellowcard’s New Album ‘Yellowcard’ Reviewed and Ranked

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7: Track 7, “Empty Street”, 4:48

We’re starting to get into the tracks that are a jumble of goodness. It was difficult for me to rank the last 7 tracks because, quite frankly, they’re all great.

There is, of course, a spectrum of great. So I’ve tried my best to place them on that spectrum. Let’s see where things landed.

“Empty Street” starts of hella strong. It’s got a heavy drum line and the bass is lifted, which is the perfect backdrop for Ryan Key’s lead vocals.

"Every single plan you will forget So do what makes you happy No regrets now I won’t let you Stop time Your hand in mine Bring me closer as it all gets ripped away And I say goodbye to the clearest eyes I won’t be with you But I won’t be far away"

What’s not to love? It’s anthemic, it’s uplifting, it perfectly follows up the melancholy “Empty Apartment” off Ocean Avenue- it replaces the sadness of the empty apartment and turns it into a song about doing whatever makes you happy and having no regrets. If this album had been released in May, this could have easily been my go-to Summer Jam.