Will the success of Anyone But You create a rom-com surge?

Could the love for Anyone But You cause a rom-com surge?
Anyone But You, Sony movie
Anyone But You, Sony movie /

There was once a glorious time when romantic comedies were the norm but now it feels like we're in a rom-com drought until Anyone But You.

If there's one movie we didn't see coming, it was Anyone But You. Maybe it was the marketing for the film or how the trailers portrayed it but it didn't seem that good. Either way, the movie ended up a massive box-office success.

In an article shared by Deadline, the marketing for this film mostly came via social media and fans hyping up the song, "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield. I don't know why people tend to forget about her but she's had some of the most viral songs which is always something to be excited about.

Aside from that, the article also talked to Steven O'Dell who is Sony Pictures' Releasing International President and he shared some insights into the rom-com genre: "It validated our confidence that the romcom genre is alive and kicking. Will Gluck gave audiences the laughs and wish fulfillment that reminded them why romantic comedies have been and will continue to be a staple for decades as a great, social cinema experience." If anything, that quote gives us a lot to discuss.

Anyone But You should set the stage for rom-com resurgence.

While Anyone But You ended up being a movie no one saw coming, all of the makings were there as Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell are everywhere. These two are leads in their own right and using them together was an impressive move. Plus the two of them appeal to a wide range of viewers and those who enjoy projects they've been in previously.

If anything, all of the people who showed up to watch Anyone But You proved that the rom-com genre has been dying for a revamp. While it seems like others would get butts in seats, Anyone But You has felt like something completely different. Maybe it's due to the film's marketing and the two leads having great chemistry in real life.

Either way, Anyone But You feels like a romance book come to life and honestly, it feels like that's what viewers are searching for. We're all looking for something to give us butterflies and make us feel that giddiness that comes when falling in love. Given how much heartbreak and strife there is in the world, rom-coms are exactly what we need.

Hopefully, the success of Anyone But You causes studios to put more trust in the genre as a whole and give us what we're craving. There is just something fun about watching two people fall in love and do the thing we all enjoy doing. I mean look at how much we're all rooting for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

All in all, it's that idea of watching something and feeling so happy for the people involved. I feel like a lot of films nowadays lack that same relatability and I'm hoping Anyone But You can help bring that back. In addition, we'll finally be getting more films in a genre that is incredibly profitable.

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