What is a glitter gel pen song? (Which Taylor Swift songs are glitter gel pen songs?)

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Lyon, France
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Taylor Swift is one of those artists who talks and people listen. That's why I knew I had to talk about her "Glitter Gel Pen Songs" theme.

For those who don't know, Taylor Swift came up with this term to describe her music and even divided it into three different types. First up is Fountain Pen Songs which Swift said: "They’re modern personal stories, written like poetry, about those moments you remember all too well where you can see, hear, and feel everything in screaming detail.” Then there's the Quill Pen Songs which are known for being more antiquated and Swift imagines herself, writing them with a quill in her hand.

Last but not least, we have the "Glitter Gel Pen Songs" which are described as: "Glitter Gel Pen songs have lyrics that make you want to dance, sing and toss glitter around the room." I don't know about you, but I can already think of so many songs that fit into this final category.

You can find all of the playlists on Apple Music among other playlists curated by Swift. Whether you're new to Taylor Swift or just like a poppy and more dancey song, we've got you.

Which Taylor Swift songs are considered glitter gel pen songs?

Of course, I wanted to take a look at which songs Taylor considers her "Glitter Gel Pen Songs" and honestly, she has some great ones on her playlist. Some of the songs featured on the playlist are "Karma," "Bejeweled," "London Boy," "22 (Taylor's Version") and "Jump Then Fall (Taylor's Version.")

As you can see, Taylor Swift has put some amazing songs on there and they're all songs about having fun, dancing, and enjoying life. In addition to the songs Taylor featured on the list, I would also include "Our Song" and "I'm Only Me When I'm With You" from Taylor Swift. I feel like debut never gets as much love as it should so I had to share those.

Some other songs I'd consider "Glitter Gel Pen" songs are "Shake It Off" and "Wildest Dreams" from 1989 (Taylor's Version.) Moving onto Reputation, I'd say that "Endgame" and "Gorgeous" would both be considered GGP songs. As far as The Tortured Poets Department goes, there aren't many Glitter Gel Pen songs but I would probably put "So High School" on there because that is a love song through and through.

All in all, I think this is such a fun concept Taylor Swift shared and I truly can't wait until she re-records all of her albums so we can sort them all into those three categories.

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