Is The Tortured Poets Department Taylor Swift's most divisive album?

Could TTPD end up being the most divided album for Taylor Swift's fanbase?

When it comes to album releases, no one does it quite like Taylor Swift. The queen of pop did it once again with the release of The Tortured Poets Department.

Despite the album not even being out for a month, it's already broken records and truly shifted the conversation about her and her music. For a lot of fans, this album felt like a return to form for Taylor while others didn't enjoy it at all.

The thing I found most interesting about TTPD is just how mixed the reactions have been. For some, they were quick to judge and not enjoy it before changing their minds. Meanwhile, others have continued to listen and found they like one version of the double album more than the other.

As far as Taylor Swift's discography goes, The Tortured Poets Department feels like it's one of those albums fans will continue to have conversations about for years.

Will TTPD end up being Taylor Swift's most polarizing album?

As someone who loves Taylor Swift and has gone back through her previous albums to rank their singles, I feel like I have a good handle on her discography. With that being said, The Tortured Poets Department feels like an album that suffered from being too hyped and while some hype is good, it feels like there are too many chefs in the kitchen this time.

Taylor Swift is a mega superstar and everyone loves her. That's just a fact but sometimes, it feels like things can go a bit far. In particular, it feels like TTPD got so much fan attention as people were talking about theories for the album, predictions and generally hyping it up. With that level of hype, there is always bound to be disappointment.

For some, the disappointment came in the lack of songs about her breakup while others thought the album sounded too similar. On the flip side, others loved how vulnerable Swift was and thought the lyrics were some of her best work. Considering that I've listened to the album a couple dozen times, I can see both sides. Even so, it felt like everyone was expecting this album to be a life-changing piece of media and for some, it was. Others like Taylor but don't personally love this album.

On the whole, The Tortured Poets Department is an album I know I'll be revisiting frequently as I enjoy a lot of the songs and it gets me hyped while listening. On the flip side, it is a somewhat melancholic album and doesn't give the same glitter gel pen vibe people might want. Either way, TTPD feels like an album people will be discussing and debating for years which is something Taylor Swift was counting on.

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