Will Taylor Swift include The Tortured Poets Department in the Eras Tour?

Will The Tortured Poets Department have a spot in the 2024 Eras Tour shows?

66th GRAMMY Awards - Show
66th GRAMMY Awards - Show / John Shearer/GettyImages

The Eras Tour is truly a spectacle and a look back at some of Taylor Swift's best work. Now, we're getting even more to enjoy on April 19th.

At the 66th Grammy Awards, Swift announced that she'd be releasing a new album called The Tortured Poets Department. Since the album is being released on April 19th, she'll be off tour before going back in May.

Given just how many songs Taylor Swift has in her catalog, it's honestly going to be a huge question for her and her fans. Even though I sadly haven't attended the Eras Tour, I do know that she features a lot of her big hits and even some deep cuts.

However, adding The Tortured Poets Department could end up giving us an entirely new era of the Eras Tour.

Will The Tortured Poets Department be a part of the Eras Tour?

Let's start by saying that Taylor Swift is a queen for releasing a new album while a lot of us thought she was going to announce Reputation (Taylor's Version.) In typical Taylor fashion, she decided to completely upend all of our theories and ended up announcing a new album.

Due to that, it does bring up the question of whether she'll include The Tortured Poets Department in the Eras Tours. While the decision is up to Taylor, it does seem like she has the wiggle room to maybe cut a song or two to give it some love. However, it was tough as a lot of people were expecting the same show as always.

Then again, maybe Taylor will do some mashups and end up showing some love to her other eras while celebrating her new one. Since her shows are starting back up this month, she's going to perform in March and then take a break in April. Then by her return in May, she'll hopefully have everything worked out.

Maybe The Tortured Poets Department will end up being a lot more melancholic and won't fit into the Eras Tour. There's no reason to doubt Taylor Swift though as she continues to evolve and change the music industry in the best way. Until then though, we have another new album to look forward to from Taylor Swift so what's to worry about?

Do you think Taylor Swift will include The Tortured Poets Department in The Eras Tour?

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